Sonntag, 17. Juni 2012

shopping bags- a little bit different

You all know that plastic bags are not good for our environment. so what? Using the good old "Jute-bag" doesn't seem to be a nice alternative, so, today, wer're goig to make our own colourful, eco friendly bags!!

Boring and naked they look at the beginning, don't you think??
Use some old T shirts, fabrics you printed or you like....

So, thats what they looked after I sewed the Thsirts around the bags--- Already looking forward to my next supermarket trip :-)

Donnerstag, 14. Juni 2012

Pimp up your Jeans!

So sieht eure alte Jeans am Anfang aus.....

Ihr nehmt etwas Spitze...

alte Tshirt haben oft wunderbare Überbleibsel zum Nähen übrig

Steckt den Hosensaum mit der Spitzenborte ab und näht es an!


Sonntag, 3. Juni 2012


New month, new ideas, new inspirations!
I'll show you new DIY clothes: how to pimp your old jeans pants, make a maxi dress and make your own shopping bags, which will be stylish AND eco-friendly!
Keep on visiting!