Samstag, 27. Dezember 2014

Vegan Chunky Monkey Burger

This time, I wanted to try a vegan recipe which I found quite interesting. The mixture of tofu, bananas and peanuts, mixed with onions and vegetables made me curious and I have to say, it was absolutely worth it!
For 2, you need
125g Tofu
Half an onion
a small banana
peanut butter or Tahina
a handfull of oat flakes
salad, tomato
2 buns

With a fork, you mix the tofu and the sliced banana and the onion (which you can fry first, if you want to), add the peanutbutter and the oat flakes so that you get a thick batter.
Form 2 "hamburgers", bake the buns in the oven, put peanutbutter on the one side of the bun, fill it with salad, tomato and the tofu- hamburgers.
You will be really excited about how good the ingredients match together!

as a dip, you can serve hummus and guacamole!