Dienstag, 24. September 2013

Paris in september

Sorry guys, no Fotos de la Tour Eiffel, sacre coeur and other wonderful buildings. We all know this stuff-so here are some New things..(which i highly recommend when you just want to "soak" in the Paris style and spirit...)

So,for all the amelie-lovers out there:
Take a walk in Montmartre (rue lepic has some wonderful little shops and bistros....), but don't miss strolling around in the small streets of Marais, where some great young designers are showing their work!

Every year there is an outdoor foto exhibition in the left side of the Seine, in front oft the  Museum du quai branly.Speaking oft marvellous fotos: don't forget to take a look at the fondation Henry Cartier Besson. Founded by bis wife and bis daughter, the small Museum shows fotographs oft great artists.

And yes. If you manage to discover all these small places and succeed in blending out the enourmous traffic and the loads of tourists, then paris can also be....
romantic ;-)

Have a great start....It's the wonderful begin of autumn!!